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The BENCOR National Government Employees Retirement Plan™, comprised of 401(a), 403(b) and 457 plans, is a turn-key Plan that provides employer and employee educational services, administrative services, record-keeping services, trust services and investment vehicles, along with federal and state law compliance.  Volume Submitter IRS approval for the BENCOR 401(a) Qualified Defined Contribution Plan™ was first obtained in 1998 and has been renewed several times subsequently for changes in applicable federal laws and regulations, most recently March 2014.

BENCOR, Inc., in conjunction with Diversified Investment Advisors/Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company (DIA/TFLIC) and Reliance Trust Services, provides the BENCOR National Government Employees Retirement Plan™ to governmental entities throughout the United States.

BENCOR specializes in the design, implementation and administration of specialized qualified and non-qualified retirement plans for public employees throughout the United States.  BENCOR has successfully coordinated the implementation and operation of FICA Alternative and Special Pay retirement plans.  The result has been hundreds of millions of dollars of taxes saved, with the associated benefits to employee participants, budgets and the public benefit of a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

The Firm is staffed with experienced and qualified investment, legal, administrative and accounting professionals dedicated to providing quality service in the areas of plan design, administration, investment funding and communication.  The principals at BENCOR bring extensive knowledge and professional experience to the marketplace.

BENCOR currently administers hundreds of retirement plans, including Special Pay Plans and FICA Alternative Plans for many of the largest school districts, community colleges and municipalities in the United States.  BENCOR is able to monitor appropriate contribution limits, including Section 415 limits.  The BENCOR Plan, which has been audited by state auditors and by the IRS, has been found to be in full compliance with all applicable requirements.

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